About Us

NewAudioUnited.com is a full service, E-Commerce Store. Our products and services are differentiated by the fact that we carry big variety of Consumer Electronic products, at significantly discounted prices. As part of our competitive advantage, we specialize in selling brand name products for Up to 70% OFF. At NewAudioUnited.com, there are No More Bids, No More Auctions, Just Low Prices! We simply believe in the hassle-free shopping experience. While shopping at our site, our clients also enjoy a guaranteed secure shopping environment. All data is securely encrypted during the transaction process.

To further differentiate our services, we have designed an Enhanced Customer Service Center. Any enquires that are submitted to the Customer Service Center, are guaranteed to be replied to within 5 hours (within Customer Service Business Hours). At NewAudioUnited.com we realize, how much our clients want to enjoy their newly purchased products. Therefore, as part of our high degree consumer responsiveness, we have arranged for most of our Orders to be processed within a 48-hour period.

To maintain our competitive edge, we constantly strive to optimize our levels of quality, innovation, efficiency and consumer responsiveness. As part of this optimization strategy, we have recently added a "Product Review" feature for most of our products. Now, our customers have the convenience of reading product reviews, before they make a buying decision. Since inception, our goal has been to create a continuous Brand Loyalty for our services. That loyalty is being successfully created by utilizing all of the above features and strategies. In turn, this Brand Loyalty allows us to take advantage of Economies of Scale and therefore pass incredible savings to the end consumer.