Yamaha NS-AW392

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Universal Remote KP-4000
The KP-4000 is a hard-wired, in-wall IP controller. It’s a color touch screen keypad that can contro..
Universal Remote MX-3000
By assigning the important home theater operational buttons to the natural resting place of the end ..
Universal Remote MX-5000
The MX-5000 is a 2-way wand-style touch screen color remote that provides network control of many po..
Universal Remote MX-780
The MX-780 Remote Control provides the reliability you need when controlling your entertainment syst..
Universal Remote MX-850
The MX-850 offers Radio Frequency (RF) operation that provides up to 100' range though walls, floors..
Universal Remote MX-880
Color Graphics, But Text Based, the 2 in. (176 x 220) pixel screen is populated with colorful backgr..
Universal Remote MX-880Z
The MX-880z is a wand-style ZigBee RF (radio frequency) and IR (infrared) hard-button remote control..
Universal Remote MX-900
The MX-900 is equipped with a bright easy to read LCD screen. The screen labels the six hard buttons..
$297.00 $289.00
Universal Remote MXW-920
he waterproof MXW-920 remote control has the ability to operate equipment that is not in direct line..
Universal Remote PSX-2
PSX-2 Personal Server from URC - loaded with features that the installer to totally customize the cl..