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Polk Audio 255c-LS
With a Vanishing Series in-wall center channel speaker, you have the centerpiece of a world-class st..
$345.00 $310.50
Polk Audio 255c-RT
With a Vanishing Series in-wall center channel speaker, you have the centerpiece of a world-class st..
$247.00 $222.30
Polk Audio 265-LS
Full-range, high performance,bandpass, dual-port in-ceiling loudspeaker. 1" ring radiator twee..
$345.00 $310.50
Polk Audio 265-RT
For the big, full range dynamic audio, with no visible speaker boxes, you need the power and potenti..
$217.00 $195.30
Polk Audio 500-LS
The smallest-diameter full-range 3-way driver array delivers full-size speaker performance in a spea..
$209.00 $188.10
Polk Audio 65-RT
Polk's patented PowerPort bass venting system greatly enhances the smooth low-end response in this e..
$155.00 $139.50
Polk Audio 70-RT
The Vanishing Series 70-RT delivers surprisingly full-bodied full-range performance. The unique 3-wa..
$177.00 $159.30
Polk Audio 700-LS
Stacking the woofer behind the driver unit is an innovation so extreme you won't believe the perform..
$209.00 $188.10
Polk Audio 80F/X-LS
Never sacrifice professional audiophile features and performance when you can have it all, even on a..
$407.00 $366.30
Polk Audio 90-RT
A big speaker that delivers big sound, yet vanishes into your room's decor. The 90-RT is perfect for..
$237.00 $213.30
Polk Audio 900-LS
Mount your woofer behind your main driver array, and suddenly you're able to extend a speaker's dyna..
$297.00 $267.30
Polk Audio Atrium4
The Compact Atrium4 loudspeaker produces high fidelity sound quality anywhere you want great sound. ..
$189.00 $170.10
Polk Audio Atrium5
Like all of our outdoor models, the Atrium5 is built to withstand the elements, which means you’ll b..
$267.00 $240.30
Polk Audio Atrium6
A workhorse when it comes to filling large spaces with the kind of big, lifelike high quality sound ..
$337.00 $303.30
Polk Audio Atrium8 SDI
Flagship All Weather Loudspeaker Single/Dual input switch and dual tweeter array that lets y..
$229.00 $206.10
Polk Audio CSW100
The Polk CSW100 is the least visually intrusive built-in subwoofer on the market today. It's designe..
$411.00 $369.90
Polk Audio DSW PRO 440 wi
Small Sub, Deep Bass The DSW PRO 440 wi delivers solid low-frequency effects everywhere it g..
$391.00 $351.90
Polk Audio DSW PRO 550 wi
DSW PRO 550 wi Features: DSWPRO Series enclosures are designed and engineered for perfect volu..
$489.00 $440.10
Polk Audio DSW PRO 660 wi
Real Big Bass The DSW PRO 660 wi delivers more deep bass impact without cramping your style...
$575.00 $517.50
Polk Audio MC60
Take practically invisible in-ceiling sound practically anywhere in your home, including the bathroo..
$89.00 $80.10