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Polk Audio 255c-LS
With a Vanishing Series in-wall center channel speaker, you have the centerpiece of a world-class st..
Polk Audio 255c-RT
With a Vanishing Series in-wall center channel speaker, you have the centerpiece of a world-class st..
Polk Audio 265-LS
Full-range, high performance,bandpass, dual-port in-ceiling loudspeaker. 1" ring radiator twee..
Polk Audio 265-RT
For the big, full range dynamic audio, with no visible speaker boxes, you need the power and potenti..
Polk Audio 500-LS
The smallest-diameter full-range 3-way driver array delivers full-size speaker performance in a spea..
Polk Audio 65-RT
Polk's patented PowerPort bass venting system greatly enhances the smooth low-end response in this e..
Polk Audio 70-RT
The Vanishing Series 70-RT delivers surprisingly full-bodied full-range performance. The unique 3-wa..
Polk Audio 700-LS
Stacking the woofer behind the driver unit is an innovation so extreme you won't believe the perform..
Polk Audio 80F/X-LS
Never sacrifice professional audiophile features and performance when you can have it all, even on a..
Polk Audio 90-RT
A big speaker that delivers big sound, yet vanishes into your room's decor. The 90-RT is perfect for..
Polk Audio 900-LS
Mount your woofer behind your main driver array, and suddenly you're able to extend a speaker's dyna..
Polk Audio Atrium4
The Compact Atrium4 loudspeaker produces high fidelity sound quality anywhere you want great sound. ..
Polk Audio Atrium5
Like all of our outdoor models, the Atrium5 is built to withstand the elements, which means you’ll b..
Polk Audio Atrium6
A workhorse when it comes to filling large spaces with the kind of big, lifelike high quality sound ..
Polk Audio Atrium8 SDI
Flagship All Weather Loudspeaker Single/Dual input switch and dual tweeter array that lets y..
Polk Audio CSW100
The Polk CSW100 is the least visually intrusive built-in subwoofer on the market today. It's designe..
Polk Audio DSW PRO 440 wi
Small Sub, Deep Bass The DSW PRO 440 wi delivers solid low-frequency effects everywhere it g..
Polk Audio DSW PRO 550 wi
DSW PRO 550 wi Features: DSWPRO Series enclosures are designed and engineered for perfect volu..
Polk Audio DSW PRO 660 wi
Real Big Bass The DSW PRO 660 wi delivers more deep bass impact without cramping your style...
Polk Audio MC60
Take practically invisible in-ceiling sound practically anywhere in your home, including the bathroo..