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Universal Remote MX-3000

Universal Remote MX-3000
Brand: Universal Remote
Product Code: MX-3000
Item Condition: New
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Price: $660.00

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By assigning the important home theater operational buttons to the natural resting place of the end users thumbs, the MX-3000 achieves a new standard in use and comfort. For an end user who surfs or loves to make fine adjustments to the home theater, the touch screen is constantly in their hands. The MX-3000 has a number of refinements to keep it comfortably in their hands. The most important is the use of advanced technology and materials to make the touch screen as light in weight as possible. Through the use of lithium ion battery technology and other innovations, the weight of the touch screen has been reduced to less than 11 ounces. The integral motion sensor detects any movement of the touch screen and automatically backlights the screen. The user does not have to press any button to display the screen. Any movement of the MX-3000 renews the backlighting. Without movement, the touch screen stays lit for 1 to 99 seconds (programmed by the installer). The backlighting is extremely effective, even under direct sunlight. Utilizing the latest CCFL (Cold Cathode Fluorescent Lamp) technology, the screen is vividly illuminated in a dark room and perfectly readable outdoors. Powered by a 206MHz RISC microprocessor, the MX-3000 offers installers the first touch screen designed for animation. The powerful central processor enables quick, fluid page transitions and animated macros that entertain the client as your programmed automation goes to work configuring their system for them. The 3.5 in. screen offers a 320x240 pixel window to any graphic you as the installer care to provide. You can place BMP's, JPEG's, PNG's, GIF's or animated GIF's on any button.

  • PC Programmable
  • IR/RF
  • Color touchscreen
  • Built-In templates
  • LCD Size: 3.5 in.Color Touch Screen
  • RF Freq: 418 or 433 MHZ (Narrow Band)
  • Range: RF - 50-100 feet
  • IR (line of sight) - 30-40 feet
  • Power Supply: Lithium Ion Rechargable Battery (included)



Your installer may recommend the MX-3000i. The specifications are exactly the same except that i-series products operate at a 433MHz (the other RF products transmit and receive at 418MHz). All i-series remotes must be matched with i-series base stations.

Feature/Benefit Summary Feature/Benefit Summary

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